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Off-script comments usually reveal the truth

Yes, I know this article is pushing two months old but the events OF the last two months has revealed more of the truth than Senator Reid, (D-NV), would have you believe.

He places the woes of the world on the Republican Party however his demeanor and actions indicate his only goal is to win at all costs. The PEOPLE, those he and his associates represent, are cannon fodder in the never-ending battle between the ‘factions’.

Senator Reid’s true feelings on healthcare

Video of Senator Reid’s comments and finger-pointing

Everyone makes the soto voce comment. We HOPE there is no microphone or lip reader around at the time but this was on camera at a press conference. There is no walking this back.  As Senate Majority Leader, Sen. Reid speaks for his party, particularly when he speaks in the first person plural.

You have GOT to participate in the process

My former roomie, Michael,  voted for McGovern in ’76 to ‘deny’ his vote to the opponent. My initial thoughts were that you should be participating FOR something, not as an ‘anti’ participant. My next thought was that for all those who are keen to cry about the sad state of any political affairs—but then admit that they did NOT vote— waive all rights to kvetch.

Certainly, you are entitled to your opinion and are free to choose your level of involvement. If, however, your involvement was ‘nil’, so are your bitching rights.

We have a plethora of professional politicians. The system was never designed to create a ruling class, moreover, the framers were very careful to avoid an aristocracy;  but we have them and they replicate like a virus.

You want to turn this ship of state around and sail her into fair winds and following seas? Borrow a page from Michael’s play book and vote AGAINST any   Incumbent politician. Everyone hates the OTHER guy…but MY guy is okay….nothing could be further from reality. They are ALL the other guy to someone and if we reelect them because they feather our nests, we need a major transfusion all around.

I would go so far as saying:

No attorneys!

No one who has never EARNED a paycheck.

No one who has never SIGNED a paycheck (optional).

No one who cannot stand and speak publically WITHOUT a group of bobble headed hand puppets behind them giving strength to their arguments (the argument should have merit enough to stand on its own).

ALL, I repeat, ALL of their legislation applies equally to them as well.

Lastly, they work for minimum wage, no honoraria, and have to clock in Monday thru Friday 9-5 with nights, weekends AND holidays like the rest of us.

Any side money they make is from whatever their normal trade or employment is.

If they cannot get fat off the system, they will not linger at the trough.

The truth takes a long time to catch up when the lie gets out of the gates first…

We have too many hyphenated Americans of all ethnicities, colors and countries of origin, hence the title of my blog. I am an AMERICAN first and foremost, proud enough to leave it at that.

Still, we live in a world where forces dictate if you want to be heard, you need a ‘hook’. Mine is that I am a Conservative and I am Black, two things which according to the Media do not exist…well, THREE things as I am NOT African-American. I was…

‘BORN in the USA….’