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Secretary Clinton, “Dead broke”

More like “dead joke”. Ms. Clinton is making a (HOPEFULLY!) futile attempt to relate to the average voting lad and lass, the comon folk who would potentially usher in yet another democratic presidency, quite possibly sealing the fate of these United States under yet another monarch. Her interview where she made the comment that upon the end of President Clinton’s second term they were dead broke does not even scratch the surface of what they had the capacity to achieve.

They left 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with a mountain of debt, true…mostly legal bills from a dalliance or two…or three….no matter. With various sources of revenue, they were in the black within the year.

Poilitifact states as their closing statement on this article: “A few weeks before they left the White House, the Clintons were able to muster a cash down payment of $855,000 and secure a $1.995 million mortgage. This hardly fits the common meaning of “dead broke.”

Le’me tell ya about “dead broke” (as the wavy flashback lines take over your computer….)

1995, I was separated from my now ex-wife, the kids were living with her at her parents’ place and due to getting vacation pay from my 2 CONCURRENT jobs as well as a huge advance from 2 foreign flight students I made a FAT bank deposit. That translated into a support payment that was—-well, my paycheck was $200 afterwards. MY lawyer thought HALF would be fair for his cut. I canned him and did it myself. Could not afford rent, groceries or other necessities. I spent every dime on the kids when we visited on the weekends. I lived out of the condiment trays in the E/R.

A co-worker, our Chief Pilot, lived on a sailboat in the marina (a Coronado 27 for fans). His bud lived on a Catalina 27 with his dog. Doug told me to buy a boat. After some back and forth “are you out of your vulcan mind?” kind of stuff I got an advance on flight instruction from one of my other students and bought a Ranger 26 from a guy who was paying slip fees for two boats…That cost me 800 bones. Slip fees with water, power, shower and laundry were $225 monthly so my living expenses matched my income almost exactly (funny how that works?).

This lasted for about 4 months and when I tell you I had a BLAST, you gotta believe it. Imagine, living in a marina, a stones throw from the Pacific….what the deuce? Let me add a map! Beautiful skyscapes, minutes to the ocean, watching TV with rabbit ears (coat hangar) while the rain fell on the hull….and anyone who wanted to go for a sail just brought me groceries from the local Von’s (chicken, wedge fries and a root beer were my faves).

We sculled out of the slip (motor? who needed it?), sailed into the ocean, drifted and listened to music or just chilled while waiting for the wind to become onshore at about 1300 (just after local apparent noon) and by 1500 my guests were gone with a wonderful memory and I still had vittles. Life was actually good because I took sage advice from a friend, never got discouraged and made the proverbial lemonade from the lemons.

SO, when anyone tells you how poor they were ask them if they ever lived in their car as my buddy BOB did or on a fixer upper sailboat that I had to take across the marina to pump out the commode holding tank.

It’s a TRAP!

Who could forget that classic line from Star Wars Episode 6 (Return of the Jedi) image

Or the one from Leia in The Empire Strikes Back (Episode 5)?

Why ‘It’s a trap’? Because we, as Conservatives, tend to latch on to any bait that the Progressives dangle before us. They reference lofty social programs and perceived inequities with the tacit understanding on our part that if we do not follow suit, we will fall out of favor with the American people. “C’mon, can’t you see I’m just trying to help you out…?” they say and we fall into place and march to their tune regardless our own opinions and beliefs.

Income inequality, war on women, immigration reform, denying healthcare to the impoverished, casting the elderly adrift…I could go on but I know you get the picture. Whatever their cause célèbre is, we follow suit. We never seem to remember that people abhor a phony! Even if your message is an unpopular one, you garner more respect for holding fast to your beliefs than you do for constantly moving to the flavor of the month.

Can you tell who is who in this commercial?

You know the adage about ‘Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.’ (George Santayana) though said by many in slightly differing forms. A funny thing happened about a hundred years ago…..

04 March 1913, Woodrow Wilson is inaugurated as the 28th President of the United States, a post he would hold for the next 8 years. He graduated from Princeton (formerly known as the College of New Jersey), the University of Virginia law school and received a doctorate from Johns Hopkins and became a political science professor before becoming Princeton’s president. He became governor of New Jersey in 1910 and was nominated for President in 1912.

He was nominated at the democratic national convention and won the election. He won reelection in 1916 mainly on a ‘negative’ action of “he kept us out of war”, referencing the growing conflict in Western Europe. I say ‘negative’ action because in all too many instances we are not presented with someone’s positive deeds but what they did NOT do, as if inaction were a virtue. Would’ya believe that shortly after his second inauguration, on 02 April 1917 he asked congress to declare war on Germany. I would say he voted against it before he voted for it. Oh, I forgot to mention his Nobel prize….

There are many parallels between president Wilson’s and the current administration. Both were relative unknowns, spending their careers largely in academia and having each served as a one-term political figure before holding the Presidency. What I see as a major difference is that one administration actually accomplished its goals and strove to better the lives of the people.

Under President Wilson we had the establishment of the federal trade commission, prohibition (which Wilson vetoed but was overridden by congress), an 8-hour work day for railway workers, child labor laws, tariff reduction on imports and the (gulp) income tax. He established a loan program for farmers and the federal reserve.

In that regard, lack of long-term political or business experience was not detrimental to the Country. I am certain that the President listened carefully to the advice of the people that were assigned to inform and consult with him, making the final decision for the betterment of all, not for the continuation of his legacy.

Oh, the impetus for president Wilson to enter the U.S. Into the war? When Germany sank the Lusitania on 07 May 1915 the President drew the proverbial line in the sand, warning Germany that any other attacks would have harsh repercussions.

After the discovery of the Zimmerman telegram, where Germany attempted to persuade and fund Mexico to carry out military campaigns on our southwest border and thus destabilize the nation, Mr. Wilson acted. This was not a case of ‘push me….uhh, push me again…..uhh, oh hell, forget I said anything’.

Okay, let me reign this back in. Lately, I have heard chatter about potentially impeaching President Obama over the possible Terrorists for Traitor exchange. Glenn Beck first mentioned it last September after the president waived a law to allow the United States to provide arms to Syrian rebels. Just as with Operation Fast and Furious, these arms will come back to bite us just as the released Taliban officers will return to their combat roles with renewed vigor and purpose. What more proof of their prowess could there be than to have the might of the United States fall before them for the sake of an individual who, according to those who knew him, thought the grass was greener on the other side.

Lindsey Graham’s call to impeach the president is going to have major blowback among the public. This is a screen shot of the title page if you choose not to read the article.

Political action against President Obama will always be seen as having a racial component
Political action against President Obama will always be seen as having a racial component

When the Democrats offer ANY suggestions,the net result is inevitably to make us look stupid, feeble minded and unwilling to make the tough choices needed to move the country out of the red. We are well past playing it safe, taking the easy road or attempting to garner consensus from the opposing party. They will do nothing that is not in their favor. They will offer bogus suggestions and opinions designed to divide our ranks and alienate the people we are trying to serve.

Stop calling for impeachment. Firstly, you KNOW it ain’t gonna happen. Just sounds like sour grapes. Stop pointing the finger at what the OTHER guy did or did not do. Just tell us what YOU are GOING to do.

I have said before that I grew up in a family of women. None, I repeat NONE of them ‘needed’ a man to handle THEIR business. If conservative politicians were as strong as the women in my family, this nation would regain a greatness not seen in generations.

WE need to dig deep, articulate our message clearly enough for ALL to follow and stick to our plans of action. Every time we waver we prove to the American public that we are not yet ready to lead.