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Symbolism or Substance?

On 21 January 2009, newly inaugurated President Barack H. Obama penned a memorandum to the Executive Branch department Heads. It was full of symbolic gestures to ensure a different type of administration. History has proven it decidedly lacking in substance. I have excerpted the opening:

“Transparency and Open Government
Memorandum for the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies
SUBJECT: Transparency and Open Government

My Administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in Government. We will work together to ensure the public trust and establish a system of transparency, public participation, and collaboration. Openness will strengthen our democracy and promote efficiency and effectiveness in Government.”

The Symbolism of a clean and open administration

To Mr. Obama’s credit, he ACTUALLY had this published to The Federal Register.

The reference

In his next paragraph, Mr. Obama acknowledges that “transparency promotes accountability” and that he will ensure the rapid and clear dissemination of information “consistent with law and policy”. An informed citizenry seemed to be the goal. He challenged his Department Heads to create a participatory process whereby we would assist in governance and policy. In short, The President inferred that he wanted the government of, by and for the people.

What we got was nothing like the hyperbole.

The build ups and the letdowns

Time after time promises, pledges and parameters were broken, modified or ignored. From being a uniting force for not only our Nation but the World, owing to a new type of leader in the Office…one who was not mired in the paradigms of the old guard…one who had firsthand knowledge of life in the Third World…one who did not come from priviledge. Though his life story was different, the convergence from new, hip and understanding shifted into the same-o, same-o:

Mr. Obama’s education

Harvard Law School (1988–1991)
Columbia University (1981–1983)
Occidental College (1979–1981)
Punahou School (1971–1979)
State Elementary School Menteng 01 (1970–1971)
St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School (1968–1970)
Noelani Elementary School (1966–1967)

Excepted from Politifact:
“Here is Obama’s full work history, as detailed by Politifact:

1975 or 1976 – ice cream scooper, Baskin-Robbins – Honolulu – Obama claims to have lost his taste for ice cream during this, his first job, the duration of which is not publicly known.

Date unknown – deli counter clerk, business name unknown – Honolulu – Obama had a summer job at a deli counter in Hawaii, making sandwiches, his spokesman said during the presidential campaign.

1980 – gift shop sales clerk, business name unknown – Honolulu – Obama worked at a gift shop in Hawaii selling island souvenirs the summer after his freshman year at Occidental College in California.

Sometime between 1981-1983 – construction worker, business name unknown – New York – Obama cleared a construction site for a summer on Manhattan’s Upper West Side while attending Columbia University, the Associated Press reported. Obama referred to this job in Dreams From My Father .

Sometime between 1981-1983 – position unknown, company unknown – New York – During his years at Columbia University, Obama worked one summer for a private company processing health records of either police or firefighters, his spokesman said during the presidential campaign.

Sometime between 1981-1983 – telemarketer, company unknown – New York – During one school year at Columbia, Obama was a telemarketer in midtown Manhattan selling New York Times subscriptions over the phone, his spokesman said during the presidential campaign.

1983-84 – research assistant, Business International Corporation – New York – At this firm that helped American companies do business abroad, Obama was a researcher and writer for a reference service called Financing Foreign Operations; among his duties was writing a newsletter called Business International Money Report.

1985 – project coordinator, New York Public Interest Research Group – New York – Obama mobilized student volunteers at City College in Harlem for NYPIRG, a nonprofit organization that promotes consumer, environmental and government reform. He promoted activism around issues such as mass transit, higher education, tuition, financial aid and recycling.

1985-1988 – community organizer, Developing Communities Project – Chicago – Obama advocated for asbestos removal, job training and public-works services at this community organization on Chicago’s South Side.

1988 – research assistant, Lawrence Tribe – student assistant to this Harvard Law School professor and renowned constitutional scholar.

1989 – summer associate, Hopkins & Sutter – Obama held this job the summer between his first and second years of law school.

1990 – summer associate, Sidley & Austin – After his second year of law school Obama was a summer associate for one of the world’s oldest and largest law firms, where he met Michelle Robinson, his future wife.

1990-1991 – president, Harvard Law Review – Obama was the first African-American to hold this prestigious position.

1991-1992 – executive director, Project Vote – Ran a campaign that registered nearly 150,000 black voters for the 1992 elections.

1993-2004 – associate and partner (starting 1996), Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland – Chicago – defended clients ranging from landlords to a securities trader, and handled employment-discrimination and voting-rights cases at this Chicago law firm.

1993-2004 – part-time lecturer, University of Chicago Law School – Chicago – lectured on constitutional law.

1995 – author, Times Books – published memoir, Dreams From My Father.

1997-2004 – state senator, Illinois – senator from Illinois’ 13th District on Chicago’s South Side.

2005-2008 – U.S. Senator – represented Illinois in the U.S. Senate.

2006 — Author, Random House – published The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream.

2009 – President, United States – Washington – In his current position, Obama is the head of state of the most powerful country in the world. He runs the executive branch and serves as commander in chief of the armed forces.”

There are a lot of “unknowns” in that listing. Mostly summer employment and “unskilled” labor. I do not fault a person for their career choices. Mine have been varied as well. I fault them for seemingly never having formed the moral character needed to make and keep promises. I fault them for never living up to committments. For never practicing what they preach….and there has been an AWFUL lot of preaching going on. The term “nanny state” seems to fit: Always knowing what is best for us, whether or not they will need to abide by their own decisions.

I was reading about Secretary of State Kerry’s trip to the Middle East at a time when the FAA banned air operations into and out of Israel.

Air ban to/from Israel

With the reported thousands of missiles fired at Israel, ONE landing within earshot of the airport, though an obvious cause for concern, does not a crisis make. Imbedded reporters are much closer to the action and they are STILL imbedded. This seems nothing more than a veiled attempt to “persuade” Israel to curtail her justified self defense.

As an aside, while on active duty I trained with the Israel Defense Force and found them to be just as fine and honorable a military as others I have been privileged to serve with. I bet there are MANY among you who were told as young’uns never to START a fight but you always FINISH a fight. Walking away is a viable option WHEN YOU CAN. There are times, and see our RECENT past, when you cannot turn the other cheek. You keep at it til you are done, or the other side sues for peace rather than face the prospect of an unconditional surrender.

Now the House of Representatives is maneuvering to sue Mr. Obama for various actions or INactions. The thought, though tempting, is no more than a distraction from the real issues at hand. Moreover, this will act as a rallying cry for the Democrats to beef up their base. Talking about the President is one thing, “attacking” the Chief Executive is another and with the Midterms being so close, both in timing and in potential party shift….a bad move.

A symbolic gesture by the GOP led House of Representatives



“Loussy bastardes”

With all deference to my High School music teacher, Egidio (“Gene”) Morra (his pet phrase when we were not meeting expectations), this is how the House of Representatives is behaving.  After all the rhetoric about President Obama not meeting the obligations of his office, what do they do? The same!  They chose to abdicate their responsibilty to perform their job to the best of their abilities for the American people and scoot off on a 5-week vacation.  They plan to let the President have at it.  Does anyone deny that when he acts, it will be met with harsh criticism and dismay?  “Oh, if ONLY….” they will cry.

Fact  of the matter, per the article when they were running for the door and were “reminded” that they could still vote—there were “boos” from the floor.  I should have been out of here an hour ago (not counting blogging time) but I am still here because there is work to be done.  See why I say that NONE of them is any good and they should ALL be replaced with true working stiffs.  And why in Hades do they get a 5-week summer recess? Oh, yeah…all is well…border is good, immigration handled, Affordable Care Act has no more surprises, the middle east stabilized…all is right with the world.  Go, lads and lasses, enjoy your “time off”.  WE will be here waiting for you and eager to see your family pix! Give us a moment, though…WE are WORKING!

Oh, Mr. President? Congress is in recess! Do your thing, Monsieur.  Any of them squawk? Give them a raspberry and tell ’em to pound sand.

Loussy bastardes! (thank you, Mr. Morra)

When in doubt, blame a Republican

Short one, ovah, heeyah!

I have referenced Ms. Wasserman Shultz on other occasions. As the Chair of the DNC, you would think that at some point she would

A) Get her facts straight,
B) Admit error and
C) Be less confrontational.

In an interview she gave on the Ralston Report, she referenced that Nevada Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval refused to initiate a State-run exchange and that Nevadans covered under the Affordable Care Act were left to the federal Government’s system.

Mr. Ralston corrected her and in doing so actually gave her a “gimme”, an “out” so to speak, so that she could extricate her foot from her mouth. She got somewhat confrontational. Rather than leave it at “I stand corrected” she had to add that she is not from Nevada. Nor am I but I can read, I listen to the news (Wall Street Journal Report on iHeartRadio) and am bereft the high priced show prep she has.

Ralston Report excerpt

As the Chair of the DNC and knowing you are subject to being questioned on the topic you came ON the show to speak about, it would be fitting for a person to have accurate information. Since the typical response is to place responsibility for the ills of the world on the shoulders of Republicans and Conservatives, it would be spiffy to know who the players are that you are lambasting.

Only the first few moments of the next reference are germaine. In the movie, “The Core”, one scientist (you will know who) is basically a blow-hard who cannot help but give an answer, regardless the veracity. A former colleague halts him and delivers the line.

Say it with me…”I don’t know…!”

That, in many instances, is how the DNC operates. Many of their interviewers are either partisan (I USED to like the WW2 use of that word until it became corrupted), do not have their own accurate facts or are too pressed for time to call foul. She would have garnered more respect for just leaving it at “busted”.


This recent article also illustrates my point. Minnesota Rep Michelle Bachmann (Republican and Religious Conservative) was recently “quoted” in a left-leaning article for reportedly proposing a form of “work camp” for the juvenile border crossers. The ENTIRE thing was fake but ran it without corroboration OR it was just SOOOOO tasty they could not help but take a bite…. When they “retracted” the article after being played the fools another group (similar bent) tossed them a bone and stated that

“Crazy racist Bachmann story so believable liberal websites fall for parody”


The “con”

Think Progress BOGUS Michelle Bachmann article

The “retraction”

The retraction is boiler plate. Human nature being what it is, there will ALWAYS be those that believe the original story in its entirety. Owing to a “lack of proof” Ms. Bachmann will “get away with it” yet again.

Even in defeat, they cast aspersions on her character. Do they EVER admit error? I guess in their eyes, to err is Republican…


Oh, but the “blame game” continues…

She REALLY needs a new job….

I just read an article where Ms. W-S now places the evils of Domestic Violence squarley on the shoulders of Republicans.  While referencing Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wi) she stated

“Scott Walker has given women the back of his hand. I know that is stark. I know that is direct. I know that is reality…”

“What Republican tea party extremists like Scott Walker are doing is they are grabbing us by the hair and pulling us back. It is not going to happen on our watch.”

That is a somewhat archaic reference that many today may not comprehend.  It is a backhanded slap across the face…literally.

many names exist for this type of battery...per Ms. Wasserman-Schultz, this is the way the GOP ALWAYS treats women...UNcool remark!
many names exist for this type of battery…per Ms. Wasserman-Schultz, this is the way the GOP ALWAYS treats women…UNcool remark!

So not only are we “b-slapping” women but then dragging them by the hair to accede to our demands.  Gov. Walker’s Democrat competitor, Mary Burke, through her representative said  “That’s not the type of language that Mary Burke would use, or has used, to point out the clear differences in this contest.”

Characteristically of Ms. W-S, she hurls the “tea-party extremists” epithet.  Something none of her party has said regarding the barbarism of those who have butchered our jounalists, murdered their own people or promised to “see you guys (US) in New York”.

See you guys in New York

That is neither a condemnation of the statement nor a rebuttal of the sentiment.  That says to me “yes, I believe it and also feel that way.  I would just STATE it differently”.

So as I stated earlier, Ms. W-S REALLY needs a new job.  Perhaps one of those “good paying” jobs that Mr. Obama thinks we all should have.  WhatEVER the heck THAT means…

“The world needs ditch diggers too….”


Appearances can be deceiving

Do you recall the time spent highlighting the perceived appearances between President Obama and Governor Romney. It went along the lines of how Mr. Obama ‘looked’ Presidential, whereas Gov Romney did not.

Looking Presidential in the face of crisis…Hurricane Sandy

Running for reelection, it was a no-brainer to suspend politicking and render all possible assistance to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. There was no talk of disinterest in any “photo-op” then. Those were deal maker actions. Still, decline a personal trip to the border, pander for money for the Democrat cause (does he REALLY detest the GOP that much), rely on the information provided by intermediaries and act the petulent child…all while shooting pool and declining a doobie. Nero fiddling while Rome burns.

No photo-ops, please

the non photo-op photo-op

Wanna hit?

As an aside, I do not care WHO the President is, you have enough respect if not for the Office then for yourSELF not to offer the Commander-in Chief of these United States a hit on your joint! “On the OTHER hand…” (Fiddler on the Roof) when you go around publicizing the fact that you were a “user” and the First Lady alludes to her lack of pride in the Country that gave her a WELL above average lifestyle…

Lack of national pride

used drugs enthusiastically

What do you expect. You get what you give.

The “Optics” of appearances

So here, in 2012, though Governor Romney trounced the President, he was still cast in the shadow of the CEO bi’niss man spouting falsehoods about an opponent too cool, too much in the know to “fight back” because his information was classified and not for public dissemination. Of course, behind the scenes were all the “phoney” scandals.

Phoney __________ (fill in the blank)

And where are the results of all the promises? I thought the President had a “Laser-like focus”…


OUT of Focus

Here we are, nearing the end of a dismal 8 years of stagnation, strife, turmoil, hunger and violence…and that is just in the U.S.! What about those fleeing the same problems in the rest of the world? According to the Democrats, “come on down”.

the wrong message

So, just because a candidate looks good, is articulate, clean…….


that does not mean that he OR SHE is the best person for the job. I look like a schlub much of the time but I ROCK when i wanna get the job done.

‘After the ball is over…’

After the ball is over,
After the break of morn –
After the dancers’ leaving;
After the stars are gone;
Many a heart is aching,
If you could read them all;
Many the hopes that have vanished
After the ball.

Yes! I love musicals…I heard an excerpt of Peggy Joseph interviewed the other day. Though many of you may recall her sense of adoration at a Senator Obama 2008 rally, her fervor is tempered now by sobering reality.

Peggy Joseph 2008

There were many that saw that day as a dream still many years in the offing. There were many that were taken in by the chants of ‘Hope and Change’ and ‘yes, we can’. Many believed that this was the beginning of a new era of responsible government and leadership. Now, 6 years later, reality is indeed sobering.

Near doubling of the national debt, more Americans unemployed, underemployed and on government assistance.

Food stamp participation 2012

To summarize, the administration stated that all was well and we were coming out of the economic problem of ‘the Bush Years’. SNAP participation was seen as an accurate unemployment indicator: people undergoing financial hardship are going to need government assistance to eat. 46 million participants in 2012. Though the article states that the ‘economic upswing’ has caused a drop in SNAP participation, it states also that there are 48 million in the program. That is an increase without a doubt.

Flash forward…Food stamp participation 2013

And what of our Miss Joseph? From her initial interview one would have thought her prime candidate for a berth on the SS Handout. Whether people want to believe it or not, we ALL make judgements about each other—ALL the time. Certainly the origins are a basic safety mechanism, now it has its uses unique to the individual. When I first heard her comments I figured she was going to be paying her mortgage and fuel on public money gratuitously provided by the new Administration after being “redistributed” from you and me. Little did I know (wrong snap judgement, I admit) she was a nurse, raising her children and from all appearances an upright person. How does she feel now?

Peggy Joseph recent interview

So my opening tune?

After the ball is over,
After the break of morn –
After the dancers’ leaving;
After the stars are gone;
Many a heart is aching,
If you could read them all;
Many the hopes that have vanished
After the ball.

Many were astounded that the day finally arrived when we had new blood in the White House. There was promise, there was celebration, there was a sense of hope that things had progressed to the point where we ALL had a chance at greatness, not just the wealthy or connected few. The “ball” was the party because this was the DAY!

Now the party is ending, people are heading home and except for the die hard fans who will believe ANYTHING the administration says (please see my cult of personality post) many are awakening to the realization that it was all fluff. It was a con. We were told what we needed or WANTED to hear to sell the lie and afterwards left with little to no hope that things could change. Whereas his predecessors realized that cooperation, not bull headedness, was the only was to meld a divided congress, this realization still eludes this administration.

I am more and more of the opinion that we need to fire EVERY blessed one currently in office and start fresh with the COMMON folk on whose backs the country is built and runs.

Presidential LIE-braries

By now everyone has heard about the parade float depicting an outhouse as the Obama Presidential Library.

NOTE: I chose not to display the images of the “Obama Presidential Library”. As a current event, we know what the float looks like and those who wish to may follow the links. I thought it important to display the Bush Presidential Library graphics and satire for those who no longer remember or wish to believe as many do that ONLY Mr. Obama gets treated with such disrespect

The President Obama float

Obama Presidential library seen as racist and irreverent

NOT supposed to be Mr. Obama

Though mired in controversy as to whether it was in poor taste for a family event or as some (the “USUAL”susects) would call it racist, it seems to be nothing more than parody. And of COURSE, when the “parody” was aimed at President Bush, it was not only manyfold but NO one squawked.

By the way, Halliburton was not the contractor but do not let that fact sway public opinion
By the way, Halliburton was not the contractor but do not let that fact sway public opinion

The Specifics about President Bush’s Library

a game of telephone
a game of telephone
I see that as a reflection of the Whites vs Coloreds drinking that a racist view? PERSPECTIVE and imagination!
I see that as a reflection of the Whites vs Coloreds drinking fountain…is that a racist view? PERSPECTIVE and imagination!
I do not recall any complaints about these caricatures either
I do not recall any complaints about these caricatures either
Looking at the loss of life and tremendous damage as satire: fair game? Of course! It reflects the Bush presidency
Looking at the loss of life and tremendous damage as satire: fair game? Of course! It reflects the Bush presidency

When I was “a kid” I had an inexpensive AM/FM radio in an apartment building in Manhattan. Reception was poor on my fave music stations so I had to “create” lyrics based on what I heard—or THOUGHT I heard. As such, I have an alternate stream of text for most of the popular songs of the day (and if I knew there was money in it I could have beaten “Weird” Al to the bank!). My point is that my perspective, influenced by my imagination, told me that I was hearing something that was not actually there.

The nature of parody is that we are free to interpret as our understanding at the time allows us. In the water fountain picture, does ANYONE really see “whites vs. Coloreds” or do you see it because I planted the notion? We do ourselves and our fellows such a great disservice when we muddy the waters we have to drink from.

The Party Lie

Rhetorical question: why is it that the vast majority of what comes out of Washington is either a flat out lie or designed to confuse the issue for the easily swayed? The party lie?

‘I did not have sexual relations with that woman…’

President Obama on Benghazi YouTube video

Secretary Clinton on Benghazi YouTube video

Ambassador Rice on Benghazi YouTube video

President Obama says ‘…not a smidgen of corruption…’ Re: IRS

‘If you like your plan…’

I could go on with this for hours but you get the point. At every turn, when the democrat party feels threatened they design a message and every man jack of them repeats it, verbatim, as often and as publicly as they can.

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”
Joseph Goebbels with additional references to Lenin

Whenever the Democrats get in trouble..and I mean the PARTY, not the constituents who are merely cannon fodder for the battle between the factions…they resort to name calling, innuendo and straight up lies to repress the truth and inoculate themselves from the consequences of their actions.

The latest is the Supreme Court decision on the Hobby Lobby case. Their decision was based solely on the evidence in the case and the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act which was overwhelmingly passed by the senate 97-3 and signed into law by president Bill Clinton.

Though I deplore the term ‘bipartisan support’ as a buzzword for somebody caved, this truly was a vote by members of all stripes.

Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993

Now that ‘the law of the land’ worked against them, they seek to modify it, re: nullify it so that it cannot be used in that fashion again.
Democrats seek to ‘revise’ the 1993 religious freedom restoration act

Now Secretary Clinton is making the rounds, at an average quarter million per speech, to tell the world that our enlightened society is as bad as those that routinely practice the subjugation of women, since that is exactly what we dumb Americans are doing with our archaic laws and beliefs.

Secretary Clinton and the supreme courts war on women

Forget the fact that with a republican majority, president Clinton was FORCED to negotiate to get things done in his second term. Forget the fact that no one squawked about the 1993 law at the time because it did not fight against their interests. And specifically in this case, forget the fact that the ruling ONLY applies in a limited fashion with no ‘slippery slope’.

No one is being denied access to health care nor are they being denied access to all 20 of the pre and post contraceptive pharmaceuticals. All that is said is that the government cannot mandate that certain entities be forced to cover 20% of them. They are still available. You just have to pay for them yourself or via some other means than your employer.

I just read a series of opinions by noted Democrats and Republicans. Debbie Wasserman-Shultz’ comment is either a misstatement or a downright lie….”Nearly sixty percent of women who use birth control do so for more than just family planning”

A montage of opinions on hobby lobby ruling

I am not going to look up any stats on that. Instead I will think for myself as we ALL should. What does that statement mean to you? MY interpretation is that 60% of women are not using contraceptives (the word MEANS against conception) to prevent pregnancy (family planning) but to END pregnancy. So, silly me, if 80% of the 20 identified forms of birth control prevent pregnancy, and 20% end it then the Supreme Court had the whole thing backwards! They should have ruled against all forms of CONTRAception and accepted only that which ends it. I think that is what Ms. Wasserman-Shultz said.

Ridiculous? Of course it is. Just like her statement was. Still, without a doubt, many of us will hear someone repeat that statement as fact because it came from a notable quotable source.

What I think is even more disturbing is that of the 9 attorneys on the Supreme Court, only 5 think the law says what it says. The 4 dissenters included all the women which just added to the ‘perception’ of a gender biased ruling. Is it any surprise that the ruling came as they were running out the door for their 3 month vacation? Does that put them in recess? I wonder if the president will replace 5 of them with his recess appointments powers?

A “Humanitarian Crisis”?

I wonder about the validity of the newly coined “Humanitarian Crisis” as relates to the influx of people across our Southwestern border. I used to live and work in San Diego, a short distance from the Mexican Border at San Ysidro. When I would operate small airplanes out of Brown Field (KSDM) I had to be particularly cautious while in the pattern for the southern runway as it was really a stone’s throw from the border.

San Diego Brown field border proximity

I lived there from January 1980 til January 2002 and the things I personally experienced in terms of immigration were, in a word, phenomenal.

President Obama vows to go it alone

As an aside, I wonder when the President learned of the problem. Lately, his knowledge of a subject is limited to him hearing about it on the evening news. Were I the President, I would be looking to have SOMEone’s arse for not doing their JOB and keeping me informed. At work I want MY boss to hear the problem, the follow-up and the solution from ME before she gets the initial email saying there was an issue. All she has to do is apologize (customer service, ya know) and let the writer know the issue is resolved.

If it were not for the evening news…..

This is in no way a “Humanitarian Crisis” as the phrase is being used. You may never have heard about the Banzai Runs of the 80’s and 90’s. I would hazard to guess that NO one outside of the area has. To publicize that would not only encourage more of the same but highlight the ineffectual government efforts to curb the problem. It was such an issue that Prop 187 in California easily passed. You knew one was in play when people would mass on the southern side of the border nearing twilight. There was little that the US immigration authorities could do because the Mexican agents did nothing to stop them or assist us. Then on cue, all hades would break loose and people would charge northbound in the southbound lanes darting in and out of traffic. Our agents were on the northbound lanes and could not chase them without leaving their posts unstaffed.

Banzai Runs

Prop 187

OK, you KNOW what I have to tell you happened next…The Courts delayed implimentaion, ruled it invalid and now lawmakers want it stricken from the records, kinda (yes, I know it is “kind of”) like Pharoah Seti ordered Moses’ name removed from all official documents and structures. If there are no longer references to it, it never existed. This was a measure passed by the people 59-41 and sought to deny livlihood and education in the US for illegals. In essence, poison the well to prevent drinking from it. It never had a chance…WE never had a chance.

State Senator Kevin de Leon introduced this nullifying legislation stating (emphasis added): “We think that symbolically it’s a very powerful gesture to all Californians that we will remove and completely erase this part of our troubled history with immigrants,” the Los Angeles Democrat said during a Capitol news conference promoting Senate Bill 396.

He described Proposition 187 as one of “

the most mean-spirited and un-American

” measures in California history. Backed by then-Gov. Pete Wilson, voters approved it 20 years ago, though it was quickly invalidated by the courts.

My understanding of a Humanitarian Crisis is an emergency requiring immediate action to ease suffering or prevent loss of life to a people in a possible wide spread area. This is none of the above. It has been ongoing for years and at every opportunity the “will of the people” has been subverted by the “needs” of the legislature to acquire fresh constituents.

I recall…OH, i have to see if I can find the sign….back in a flash…

Signage along highways to be alert for groups crossing the road
Signage along highways to be alert for groups crossing the road, I recall the child having a doll in some views

I used to take my young family to the border crossing at Tecate, park the car and walk across for about 2 blocks where there was a municipal park and opposite it a bread store (at Avenida Benito Juarez and Calle Presidente Lazaro Cardenas) that had meat on a rotating skewer dripping with delicious fat…… and you could get soft tacos for about a dime each, bottled soda from a machine that you popped the cap off for a quarter.

There were a few days when I had off and took the hour plus drive one-way to get supper for the family and as I approached the crossing a school bus would drive up. Across the border would march a couple of dozen Mexican children who boarded the bus and were taken off to a US school. When parents voiced their concerns about our tax dollars being used to educate non-residents the school board denied it was happening. A fast thinking parent with the old-style camcorder (80’s, yo!) had taped it and there was no denying the existence of the program then.

I would get EMS calls to the San Ysidro border crossing because women would literally throw themselves across and start screaming “embarazada” (pregnant). EMTALA laws required transportation and treatment at a local facility. If the facility were unable to handle the problem, the patient was required to be transferred to an appropriate facility. The intent of the law was to prevent patient dumping and to ensure that people received treatment regardless their ability to pay. It became a free pass into the US.

Children born here were American citizens under the 14th Amendment. This also states that people within the jurisdiction are entitled to equal protection under the law. This is the “workaround” that answers “why do we have to give illegals protection under the constitution”.

14th Amendment to The Constitution

As a humanitarian gesture, the mother was allowed to stay as the child’s natural parent. When the situation got so large it was happening with increased and predictable regularity, legislation was crafted that said the child could stay and either be cared for by a legal resident relative or taken back to Mexico with mom. That did not get far either.


This next link talks about what has been referred to as “drop and leave” and the hassles attending to trying to stay in America by having a child here. It is NOT as difficult as the article indicates, moreover, few actually “leave” the US…they leave the jurisdiction and move further north or east.

“Anchor babies”

We are a Nation of Laws. Laws can work both ways in that they offer protections but demand a price. It is disheartening that our laws only seem to apply to the law abiding residents. Like the saying goes, “locks keep honest people honest”.


I knew there was something I was forgetting! I used to make a lot of ambulance transfers between San Diego county and Imperial county. Along I-8 there were emergency aid boxes with (to the best of my knowledge) non-perishable food, water and blankets. They were there as an aid to the people crossing the border via the coastal mountains. Let me tell ya about this….

Southern California is beautiful and has a weather system unique to the rest of the country. On MANY occasions in the late winter or early spring I would take the kids hiking in the mountains off of the intestate at around 6000 feet elevation where they could walk around in the snow and then an hour drive back down the mountain to Mission Beach where we would walk the boardwalk eating shave ice and play in the surf.

The mountains held snow and ice seemingly forever because the topography shaded many of the low lying areas from the direct sun. During the day, the temperature was fairly moderate but at night quickly dropped below freezing. Many border crossers would begin the trip in daylight and succumb to hypothermia before daybreak. We found many people frozen and stripped of their clothes.

I do not know who placed the boxes there but border patrol was not allowed to interfere with anyone using them. They would usually watch from a distance until the area was clear. The link I am adding is not meant to impugn the border patrol. It was the only reference I could find to the existence of the emergency aid stations.

Emergency aid stations

(16 Jan 2017) I have updated the link so it no longer refers to the Border Patrol as “the bad guy”.  ORIGINALLY, the comment at the end of the linked article bashes the border patrol and prays that they stew in their own juices. I must remind everyone that the deaths are not a result of the border patrols action, but that of people who are crossing the coastal mountains in bad weather or inclement conditions illegally. Rain at sea level is snow and ice at 6000 feet where there is no cover and you are in a tee shirt, light jacket and sneakers.

Remember, I left SoCal in January 2002. I had seen the boxes since the mid 80’s so the intervention of well meaning but somewhat misguided people has been prevalent for years.

I say misguided because they are not ‘helping’ anyone. They are providing a means for someone to break the law (MINOR issue) and get into trouble (MAJOR issue). If people have the hope that all they need to do is cross the mountain passes and there will be supplies and a fresh start on the other side, people will keep making the dangerous trek. I kept emergency supplies in my trunk in case I got stranded in the mountains at night and that was only about an hours transit.

California gets a huge number of legal immigrants annually. Many fall under a resettlement program that provides a limited stipend and the proverbial ‘path to citizenship’. I believe it is $800/month for ~8 months. I do not know if it is subject to extension or not.

Refugee resettlement

And what happens in this circumstance? You get squalor. I had an apartment off of university and van dyke for about $350 a month (the 80’s, remember). Off of university avenue in the 5000 block was a neighborhood mostly southeast Asian. Remember I worked EMS so we had to know all the neighborhoods. There were multiple families living in sub-sized dwellings pooling their resources. Local cultural merchants became the mainstay of their shopping so often people did not leave their own communities so there was minimal integration. No exchange of culture often lead to stereotyping and mistrust.

My first wife was Filipino. I was outside in front of the house one day and some local black children asked me if I lived there ‘with the white people’. My wife’s parents never interacted with any of their neighbors and were only seen in glimpses running between the car and the house so it was pretty obvious why no one knew their ethnicity. The aunts and uncles had been in the US since the end of WW2 and auntie still could not speak English.

National City (right by the 32nd Street Naval Station. It was called Nasty City because of all the strip clubs) was predominately Filipino. Linda Vista (northwest of downtown) became ‘Little Vietnam’. Chula Vista (by the border) became Chula Juana (Tijuana north, basically). Also on university in the 5000’s (on the south side) was the African community.

I have information about the U.S. Refugee program

Refugee program

 Total refugees arriving in CaliforniaThere are numbers of people claiming asylum and persecution in their home countries. Again, the numbers are those that we knew about. Though we would like to be the caretakers of the world, militarily and socially, we just do not have the capacity. We cannot handle the corruption in our own government. These are folks fleeing the same conditions in theirs. I have no idea what help we can offer them when we cannot help ourselves.