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“Didn’t I TELL you…?” a spanking story

The reference “Didn’t I TELL you…?” comes from my FAVORITE aunt Annette (“favorite” was HER self-reference due to her being my ONLY aunt) as she would swat at the hiney of my cousin while he orbited her…she had a firm grip on his hand so he could only run in a circle with her centered.  The meaning was clear: she had cautioned him not to do something and he went and did it anyway.  We have the same thing here regarding the Congressional budget.

About a year ago we faced a partial Government shutdown.  Can ANYONE tell me how you were personally affected by it?  This reference is a bare-bones accounting of the number of federal employees affected hence the government operations affected.

The shutdown as seen by Mr. Obama

The shutdown as seen by BLS (an interesting read)


(My original links were no longer providing data so they have been updated as of 7 JULY 17)

Of note are the number furloughed and the number exempt.  I STILL maintain from a previous post that if the government can run effectively without 13% of its workforce, that is 13% that are just padding the payroll and are NOT NEEDED.  Not that I want to see anyone lose their position….okay, I take that back—I want to see ALL politicians lose their positions! These are people that should not have been employed in those capacities in the first place.  They are merely place keepers to ensure funding at an ever increasing level.

Of note were that Mr. Obama closed the White House, the PEOPLE’s House, to tours and prevented World War 2 veterans (thank you for your service and sacrifice, lads and lasses!) from visiting THEIR memorial but allowed a protest group to use that sacred space.  How much more “in your face” can it be?  Still of sound mind and fine form, they “stormed” the barricades and went in anyway.

President Obama has WW2 vets kept out of Memorial

Public denied, protest allowed

This last reference was a little more challenging to find.  Strangely enough, there were numerous articles badmouthing the Vets, Sen. Ted Cruz, Gov. Sarah Palin and Rep Michelle Bachman but little on the counter-culture group that the National Park Service ALLOWED to use a “closed” facility.

I have made posts about the “trap” congressional Republicans would fall into had they taken the Democrat bait

“Just like a sucker you took the bait
Now you’re like a dead fish on my dish, too late
So party people kick your feet up, I’m about to heat up
You’re hungry for a battle now it’s time to eat up

Boy, I’m gonna chew you, ‘cos I knew
You was talkin’ that junk punk, now I’mma do you
The way you should be done, call you my son
Make you say, “Daddy, I don’t want none”

I’ve had enough of you actin’ tough
You huff, puff, grab your stuff you cream puff bluff
Talk about a battle but you don’t wanna do it
You got yourself into it, you blew it”

Read more: Kool Moe Dee – Let’s Go Lyrics | MetroLyrics

(I listen to EVERYTHING and when I can understand the lyrics, I remember them…just gotta find the sources to give proper citation)

I am so thoroughly disgusted with the GOP!  They have people of conscience who do what they PROMISED to do in order to garner our vote and then stick to it.  For that they are vilified in the media and by their associates.  The Senate refused to reach consensus on the House budget last year, in short prompting the PARTIAL shutdown.  Republicans took the brunt of the blame, though misplaced.  Running scared that they would lose future elections (re THEIR JOB) they telegraphed that they would not do that again.  For all their panic, they STILL routed the Democrats in the midterm elections.

Did they see that as a victory?  Did they see that as a mandate from the masses? Did they see that as an opportunity to give the country direction and purpose?  They chose the EASY way out and gave the Democrats a Mitzvah….The GOP gave the LOSERS of the midterms the opportunity to call the shots for FY 2015, leaving the Republicans actual control of FY 2016 ONLY til the next election cycle.

Did they truly want to make change or were they just “cream puff bluff”?  I have heard the “threat” Rep Boehner has made that if an agreement is not reached by evening’s end, they may have to be here through Christmas.  Personally, I RELISH their staying through the holidays and actually get some work done. They have been at work for about 9 days since thanksgiving….and then are OFF.  I am working Christmas Eve, and New Years day. If I want to pay the bills and have a comfortable holiday I NEED to work….in their case, “must be nice”.

2014 Congressional Calendar

I say we needed a SHORT term Continuing Resolution through the beginning of February when Republicans are firmly the majority in both houses of Congress. THEN they can legislate as necessary to reign in the out-of-control Executive branch, use their constitutionally authorized “Power of the Purse” and do what they were ELECTED to do.  I say forestall the long-term decision til they have SOLE authority.  They do not realize that their standing in both Houses is solely due to WE The People giving them a CHANCE to do the right thing.  This may, indeed, be their LAST chance and should they blow it this time they may never have another opportunity.

Sen. Ted Cruz sticks to his word

The Power of the Purse

The President is FOR the Omnibus Bill. For that reason alone I would oppose it.  He indicated that he does not like all of it but he will sign it.  Horse Hockey! He signs nothing that does not give him 100% of what he wants.  He does absolutely nothing that is in the interests of the Republic (I did not say Republicans) but solely furthers his vision of Global propriety.

Here we have a 1700-plus page bill, with “Krusty Brand Pork Products” (Simpsons reference) interspersed throughout, fully funding President Obama’s pet projects and coincidentally increasing ~8-fold the amount of campaign contributions someone can receive….a tremendous advantage to an incumbent I might add…that once again, NOBODY read…..I really do not want to use the Rep Pelosi remark again about finding out post facto!

An artery (or budget) clogging cornucopia

Omnibus bill highlights

Money to protect rhinos….

I am sure to post the names of the disreputable individuals when I can find them and modify this post.

FOUND them…

Omnibus bill votes

I tell ya, I would pay money to see Annette swatting government booties with them running concentric circles around her spinning form yelling “Didn’t I TELL you…?” They SO need a spanking! And who got spanked? What? You do not feel it yet?