and now, a word from our sponsor….

And now, a word from our sponsor? Most of us have them.  ANYONE in business has one.  Person or persons who will back your interests to further theirs.

Alfred Hitchcock often gave you fair warning that you were leaving the entertainment segment of the show.

Hitchcock’s varied lead-in to the commercial break

In Casino, Sharon Stone is looking to have someone intercede between her and her husband and asks her husband’s best friend….we know how that turned out…

Sharon Stone tells Joe Pesci she “needs a sponsor”

Of late, I find myself SUPER tired of the various sponsors gobbling up more and more of our programming airtime.  In some instances, the show is more advertisement than it is entertainment.

I listen to a local radio station on my never-ending commute and decided this morning to jot down the program vs. commercial time:

0710:  back from top of the hour break

0718:  commercial break

0726:  back from the break

0729:  bottom of the hour break

0741: back from the bottom of the hour break

0748: yet another commercial break

0755: back from the break

0757: commercial break.

I arrived at work 0810 and they were not back from the top of the hour break yet.  All told, their CONTENT… the REASON I tuned into the station… was 20  minutes.  Precisely one third of their air time!

Even during their weather and traffic segments, they precede and conclude with the organization that is sponsoring that segment….about 10 seconds worth of traffic, which I NEED and another 20 of advertising, which on a bad commute I NEED NOT.

I often do the yard and housework on the weekend with the radio as background and the various financial shows are on.  Ever listen to them?  Each starts with the sponsor of the program, then has the disclaimer that the “opinions of the sponsor do not necessarily reflect those of…” the radio station.  They then morph into an hour-long advertisement for the particular business and offer ZERO content!

Each one reminds me of an auction show I used to hear or see….MANY years ago so I dunna recall which.  They had an announcer that would fire up the crowd for the auctioneer.  Well, listening to these shows, they usually have some syndicated radio personality playing that role.  He or she asks leading questions about the service provided, how can WE the common folk take advantage of it….”well, just call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx for a complete financial review and I will get you on the road to financial security!” and then the “WOW, that’s all we gotta do?  Call you at xxx-xxx-xxxx?”

For a gosh darned HOUR! Even when they tease with the promise that they will tell you EXACTLY what to do, it is JUST a tease, they NEVER get to it and they repeat their contact information ad infinitum.  Of ~12 hours of programming each day, 3 shows actually give you usable content:  the fishing show, the gardening show and the car dealership sponsor.  At least he gives accurate and verifiable info about his dealership, his product AND will answer questions about other vehicles or maintenance in general.  For everyone else, it is like those TV “infomercials” that prattle on for 2-5 minutes about nothing much.

OH! Believe it or not, you can have subliminal advertising on the RADIO!  There was a commercial on yesterday about a local financial group and I am pretty sure they used the same female announcer from a male enhancement pill commercial.  SO? Well, if you heard the ED commercial and got accustomed to her pitch, tone and cadence, you MAY have the same “reaction” to ANYTHING she is selling you.  QED? Maybe not, but I started thinking about the horizontal mambo….

Even a nationally syndicated broadcaster has begun not easing but a fast shuffle to his sponsor by saying “now THIS….” and then straight to it.  Before I forget, HOW COME YOU pay for cable TV and then are still subjected to ads?  (Remember, I cut the cord a LONG time ago!!!!!) If you are paying for a service, why are you required to accept anything OTHER than your paid content?  I told my Missus the other day, ALL of TV will go to streaming in a couple of years: Netflix, HULU, SLING and Amazon (obviously not all-inclusive) which SHOULD shut out commercial broadcasters….and they ARE commercial.  When you are getting less than you paid for just so some sponsor can bombard you with their messaging?…..WRONG, son just wrong!




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