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There is a comedian out of the New York/New Jersey area, Bobby Collins.  One of his routines has him talking about something we ALL do.  Someone says or does something utterly asinine and you read them the riot act…..”ON THE INSIDE……” what comes out of your mouth is completely different.

I was reading about the FOIA requests for Vice President Biden’s taxpayer sponsored travel and that the nebulous “SOMEbody” denied the requests.  The Freedom of Information Act is a vital part of our oversight into Government.


Okay, I could not—-CHOSE not to resist…

Excerpted from the Freedom Of Information Act website:

“It is the Executive Branch, led by the President, that is responsible for the administration of the FOIA across the government. The Department of Justice’s Office of Information Policy oversees agency compliance with these directives and encourages all agencies to fully comply with both the letter and the spirit of the FOIA.”

“President Obama and Attorney General Holder have directed agencies to apply a presumption of openness in responding to FOIA requests. The Attorney General specifically called on agencies not to withhold information just because it technically falls within an exemption and he also encouraged agencies to make discretionary releases of records. The Attorney General emphasized that the President has called on agencies to work in a spirit of cooperation with FOIA requesters. The Office of Information Policy at the Department of Justice oversees agency compliance with these directives and encourages all agencies to fully comply with both the letter and the spirit of the FOIA. President Obama has pledged to make this the most transparent Administration in history.”

Looks like President Obama and Attorney General Holder are the primary arbitors of what is and what is NOT public domain, even though Mr. Obama promised transparency.  What we are getting is his outward “ON THE INSIDE”

A valid request to know where OUR money is being spent…

The “SOMEbody” was VP Biden’s THEN deputy counsel Jessica Hertz.  She intercepted the 95-page document the Air Force compiled and determined that the records would need individual scrutiny.  An Air Force officer did not want the politics to tarnish the reputation of the Service and released the records.

The records show nearly $1 million dollars between 2009 and 2013 spent JUST on the airplane, not ancillary expenses, and in many instances so he could play golf with the President.  According to the records, there are also flights to Arizona for faux public events—and then the golf course.  We KNOW he is not going out to see Gov. Brewer or Senator McCain.

To think that we have to SUE for public information is apalling!

FOIA lawsuit

Judicial Watch

A tad more condensed

I am scrimping and saving, cashing in vacation time and cleaning out the attic to sell on eBay so I can take my wife on a vacation before she explodes.  Except for the births and birthdays of grandchildren, we have had NO time away  from work for ourselves for the last several years.  Sure, I have a “donate” button on my site but that is a voluntary decision for the reader, not an IRS enforced strongarm wallet biopsy performed against our will by the government.  Our taxes are for the good of the nation, not our national figures.

I Mapquested Mr. Biden’s FREQUENT flight from D.C. to Delaware.  The trip  is about 2 hours, in traffic, on a Friday—MIDDAY! The DRIVE would afford Mr. Biden time to actually get some work done…I dunno, maybe actually read some of the legislation the administration is trying to ram up our arses? I tell ya, I am going to get stock in personal lubricants.


Mapquest of DRIVING from Washington, DC to Wilmington, De
Mapquest of DRIVING from Washington, DC to Wilmington, De

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