I get my gas from Sam’s Club.  Great prices, quality gas and points I can use towards year’s end.  For the last few weeks it has been $2.099.  On Saturday it went to $2.179.  We had to drive to Orlando to pick up one of the grands last night and needed to tank up before the trip.  I mentioned to my wife that gas prices had been stable for the last few weeks.  There was no reported unrest in the Middle East or any trouble that would normally spike them.  She said one word: “Easter”.


I ALWAYS wanna say something about gas prices spiking before a holiday and then trickling back down after.  The BS that always gets USED is turmoil or the annual switch to “the more expensive Summer blend”.  Still, IS it more expensive or is it the start of the vacation/heavy driving season causing the predictable draining of our purses? My local news reported this morning that the US missile attack on Syria caused the surge in gas prices.  HORSE HOCKEY! Prices went up LAST WEEKEND before there even WAS an attack.  Anything to keep us looking in a different direction, huh?

rising gas prices over the weekend

Hold off on blaming Syria?

BECAUSE of Syria

In the end, does it REALLY matter? There is a product that nearly EVERYONE uses, whether for transportation or home use, and the suppliers will do whatever they think is necessary to earn a buck.  The first link references the “summer blend”, the second sets up the Syrian operation as a potential cause.  The last comes out and says so.  Not hard to find.

There is a Shell station near me that I use as a reference for gas.  I usually refer to them as the “gyp joint” and when their prices start to climb, I know it will be a few days before others do the same and I fill up.  Even Sam’s, which has the capacity to buy in bulk and use membership income to help defray costs is not immune to the lure of the “dollah”.


As of this afternoon (10 April 17) Sam’s is at $2.289, another 11 cents since this initial writing.  SOME might think it a small thing but is that not how you ALWAYS get got?  Reminds me of a story………………

Mid ’80’s.  Living in San Diego and just off Active Duty.  Many gas stations had the option of Full or Self service.  I USUALLY opted for self.  EVEN though pumping your own gas is standard NOW, it was new then and in New Jersey at least it is still illegal to pump your own.

Texaco was my first gas card. Bought a set of tires for my Trans-Am with it. Yes, there WAS product lyalty
“You can trust your car to the man who wears a star”

I pulled into a Texaco station and the attendant cheerfully asked if I wanted “Full”.  I said, “No, thanks.  Self is fine”.  “But it’s ONLY 4 cents more…” (Same with cash vs credit).  I was probably only getting 10 gallons so an additional 40 cents on my purchase.  As spread out as most large communities are, I would be getting more in a few days and a few days after that and so on. My 4 added pennies over the course of the year would come to about $40 bucks, more if I visited my folks in Las Vegas or took an East Coast trip.  And then factor in my Ex’s vehicle (and I THINK she was funding her brother and parent’s rides since they were all sans employment).  It may not seem like much but spending that much dough for the CONVENIENCE of it seemed a bit insane to me.

I am sure if I look online I will find that the rising gas price at least for TODAY can be traced to Justice Gorsuch’s swearing in.


I got gas last Wednesday at Sam’s for $2.219.  On Sunday for $2.209 (OOoh, a whole penny!) My prediction is that it will drop about a cent this week and next week until the 25th at which point it will balloon up to ~$2.459…..”more expensive summer blend” is gonna be the horse manure they will shovel on the news.  Memorial Day weekend driving will be the REAL reason.  Faux supply and demand since supplies are just fine.  Wait and see.



$2.159 at BJ’s this morning.  Anticipating rising prices starting Wednesday, Thursday at the latest….



$1.979 at Sam’s the other day……what gives? I have NEVER been happier to be wrong!!!!


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