“Hello pot? This is the kettle…you’re black” A profile in hypocrisy

You know that expression about the pot calling the kettle black?  An expression meaning that the accuser is guilty of that which they accuse…a.k.a. hypocrisy.  The way I have used it here is how a former colleague of mine, Fritz, used to say it.  Hypocrisy is all Mr. Obama has engaged in throughout his tenure in office.  There is SOOOO much going on that it will be a challenge to stick to a single topic til I have exhausted them.

Much ado is being made about “delegitimizing” President-elect Donald Trump’s victory.  Mr. Obama et al. are doing nothing more than debasing themselves regarding Mr. Trump and the GOP agenda.  If you REALLY wanna play that game, how’s about delegitimizing Secretary Clinton’s candidacy?

Anyone remember the hit piece on Senator Sanders?

Based on the leaked emails ( проклятые русские  “damned Russians”), the DNC had conspired against Sen. Sanders long before Sen. Clinton got the nomination.  Sooooo, if that had been a fair contest, who is to say what the outcome would have been?  SHOULD Secretary Clinton have even been on the ticket?

Mr. Obama purports to be a fan
Yet he states he could have beaten Mr. Trump if allowed to run again. Hypocrisy

And to claim that “The Russians” were the reason Mrs. Clinton did not get her due is laughable.  Did’ja notice how Mr. Obama’s role in attempting to destabilize Prime Minister Netanyahu’s reelection just faded from public view? Yes, hypocrisy abounds.

Trying to oust BeBe Netanyahu

And now as if to EMPHASIZE the Russian involvement in the election, Mr. Obama evicts 35 Russian diplomats.  President Putin’s response? Tit-for-tat? Nope.  He invites American children to a Holiday Party and waits to see what an ENLIGHTENED Trump administration will do.  We KNOW what Mr. Trump will do… open a dialogue and act as a LEADER, not the apologist we have suffered for the last near decade.

Putin won’t expel American diplomats after Obama ousts Russian officials in the U.S.

So now in the waning weeks of his Presidency, we will get an earful of Mr. Obama’s lectures on the rightness of his positions over the years.

(Oh, and have I ever said how much I detest when Mr. Obama uses the Southern Baptist lecture style? Speak in your NORMAL pitch and cadence, not what you think all the po’ black folk behind you will respond to!)

President Obama’s use of Executive Orders has been farcical.

President Obama’s Executive Orders


Excerpts (emphasis added):

In an interview with Steve Inskeep on NPR’s “Morning Edition,” Obama said: “My suggestion to the president-elect is going through the legislative process is always better, in part because it’s harder to undo.”

 NPR noted Obama was forced to use executive actions and regulations on issues like labor, climate and immigration after Congress refused to go along with his proposed programs.

But now President-elect Trump has announced he plans to toss out many of the steps Obama put in place through executive orders and administrate rules – and Obama’s work to increase overtime pay, reduce carbon dioxide emissions of power plants and protect those in the U.S. illegally from being deported are particularly at risk.”

I like how NPR keyed on the items that would elicit the most emotional response from the audience.  I think they left out misogyny, white supremacy and illiteracy.

Obama added it is “entirely within his lawful power” to sign new executive orders of his own.

“Keep in mind, though, that my strong preference has always been to legislate when I can get legislation done,” Obama said from the Cabinet Room in the White House. “In my first two years, I wasn’t relying on executive powers, because I had big majorities in the Congress and we were able to get bills done, get bills passed. And even after we lost the majorities in Congress, I bent over backwards consistently to try to find compromise and a legislative solution to some of the big problems that we’ve got — a classic example being immigration reform, where I held off for years in taking some of the executive actions that I ultimately took in pursuit of a bipartisan solution — one that, by the way, did pass through the Senate on a bipartisan basis with our help.”

FIRSTLY: Why is Mr. Obama suggesting that Mr. Trump use the legislative process that he for the last 6 years has refused to do.  Mr. Obama specifically states that he used the system properly when he could get his way and became a one-man-band when he was no longer leading a majority.

SECONDLY: Congress, The Legislative Branch of Government, Legislates.  The President, as the Chief Executive, approves or rejects the legislation.

LASTLY:  At what point did Mr. Obama “bend over backwards” to find any compromise for any problem?  Do you recall his “pen and phone” speech?

A pen and a phone…

“We are not just going to be waiting for legislation in order to make sure that we’re providing Americans the kind of help that they need. I’ve got a pen, and I’ve got a phone. And I can use that pen to sign executive orders and take executive actions and administrative actions that move the ball forward in helping to make sure our kids are getting the best education possible, making sure that our businesses are getting the kind of support and help they need to grow and advance, to make sure that people are getting the skills that they need to get those jobs that our businesses are creating,” the president said.

Those of us in a relationship KNOW what bending over backwards to find compromise means.  I have eaten MORE than my share of crow and chewed my tongue raw to NOT say what was on my mind just to calm a tense situation.  Talk about a petulant child!


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