How does it feel

How does it feel to essentially be neutered by your own hand?  By now, we all know about former Senator Harry Reid (D-Nv) invoking the “Nuclear Option” in 2013 to change Senate rules allowing a simple majority to confirm Presidential appointees.  This rule exempted nominees to the U.S. Supreme court.  There were cheers from the Senate majority, kudos from the media and jeers from the GOP.

Some warned that this same tactic could be employed AGAINST them in the future.  They were so sure that their hold on the reigns of power were so strong that the sun would never set on the Democrat Empire.  Now Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) has employed the same tactic to confirm President Trump’s SCOTUS nominee.  So how does it feel when it is NOT your guy that is getting the nod? How does it feel when you think :This station is now the ultimate power in the universe. I suggest we use it.Admiral Motti[src]   (Star Wars) and discover that the Force is not with you?

Sen. Charles Ellis “Chuck” Schumer (D-NY) argued limply against the use of the Nuclear Option when he was of the majority.  I s’pose SOMEONE had to play the dissenting role so that they could claim brownie points.  It reminded me of Willy Wonka…

No, don’t….

Now the Democrats say that this action will lessen the People’s confidence in the Court.  HOW? Like we will actually think anything different of them because 9 FEWER people voted to confirm them? How many of President Obama’s confirmations are we to doubt since they fall into the same category?

(EXCERPT From NYT Jan 4 2017 Op-Ed “Why Republicans Shouldn’t Weaken the Filibuster” and sorry, I could not get the hyperlink to work :~(   )


“Republicans have bitterly criticized Democrats’ use of the nuclear option. So they should not use it themselves now. And indeed, they don’t need to. They can beat back a filibuster by traditional methods. They can use public opinion to force votes. They can require debate around the clock, adding drama. They can use President Trump’s bully pulpit to focus attention on endangered Democratic senators who must run for re-election in 2018 in states that Mr. Trump won. This will make it difficult for Democrats to sustain the 41 votes necessary to keep a filibuster alive.”

Tried and true no longer works

Tried and failed on multiple levels.  Democrats always maintain a unified front no matter how much it hurts.  Republicans always go weak in the knees.  Despite having parliamentary procedures to get the job done, we would be looking at more of the same routine on both sides.  Everyone knows this.  Though I liked this editor’s writing, I wholeheartedly disagree with his view.

So 4 years ago, Sen. Harry Reid loaded a gun and spun the barrel not knowing or caring about the direction it would be pointed.  How does it feel knowing it got pointed in the Democrats direction?

do whatever it takes to win



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