How to handle a bully

When I was a kid, I ran like a jackrabbit from bullies of ALL genders.  A classmate of mine, Viola Whiteside, was my main defender. She could run, fight and was all around fun to be with.  One fateful day as I was watching the Ant-farm in the back of my 4th grade class the teacher, Miss Holmquist, asked me to return to my seat.  I turned around and Steven, class bully, was there to torment me—a target of opportunity.  I was startled and just “reacted” like my uncle Trellis had taught me.  I flattened the kid out and stepped over him to get back to my seat.  From nowhere, Viola exclaimed “it’s about time!”.  LAST time I got my ass kicked!

I just read an article that Iran had a few warning shots from a 50 cal across the bow of 4 of their surface vessels.  This has not been an isolated incident and certainly not the first in recent months:

A year ago Iran “detained” 2 U.S. Navy vessels and their crews.  Since this was during the Presidential campaign season, Republican potentials spoke out about the act.  Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Ca), commented on MSNBC about how “diplomacy” between our Countries is “working” (“You poor deluded girl” per Adam West as Batman).

Iran “detains” American sailors

was the treatment warranted?
crews from 2 U.S. Navy boats taken prisoner by Iran

And how did Iran GET to be a bully?  Mr. Obama allowed it, no—he ENCOURANGED it.  This seems to be SOP for Democrat Presidents:  allow someone to get in your dish, politely ask them if they are making good decisions and accept their response without challenge.

Iran’s live-fire passes close to USN aircraft carrier

Excerpt (emphasis added):

“Cmdr. Kyle Raines, a U.S. Central Command spokesman, said in a statement to the Associated Press early Wednesday that Iranian Revolutionary Guard naval vessels fired “several unguided rockets” after giving only 23 minutes’ notice over maritime radio that a live-fire exercise would be carried out. The incident was first reported by NBC News.

Raines described the Iranian fleet’s actions as “highly provocative”.

“Firing weapons so close to passing coalition ships and commercial traffic within an internationally recognized maritime traffic lane is unsafe, unprofessional and inconsistent with international maritime law,” the spokesman said.

While the United States has complained previously about other Iranian war games and maneuvers there, Saturday’s incident comes after a series of weapons tests and other moves by Tehran following this past summer’s nuclear deal.”

Ahh, yes…The DEAL!

“This is a BIG F-ing Deal” (VP Joe Biden)

The Deal (fantasy)

The Deal (reality)

And then there is the America-Iran money laundry:

Money laundering

So today, when Iran again tries the Same-o same-o, we get up on our haunches.

Not THIS time, bub!

Nothing big, nothing fancy: 3 shots from a fifty caliber and 4 boats break off their run.  This just illustrates what I have said previously.  If you are not respected, you are not feared.  Mr. Obama has done everything possible to tell the world we regret having and using our might over the centuries.  We regret being the “Haves” to their “Have nots” and above all we regret being a FREE PEOPLE.

Just as Iran released the Embassy staff on 20 January 1981 after 444 days (President Reagan’s inauguration) post President James Earl Carter I predict we will see a MAJOR shift in policy towards them on 20 January 2017 when Mr. Trump takes office.  He KNOWS how to handle a bully

You kick his ass




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