The older I get, the more intolerant I feel.  I do NOT like someone’s bratty child running unsupervised in a public place…fast aside…had a girlfriend and went to the movies with her, her 2 kids her cousin and her cousin’s one.  They let the three run around playing IN the theater WHILE it showed.  I was the only person to say anything so I guess the other patrons looked at it as normal.

I am intolerant of bad behavior, I guess I mean to say.  What you do in PRIVATE is your own affair and I got no complaints with it.  What you do in the PUBLIC arena becomes my problem if you are affecting me or mine. Perhaps I am talking less about being intolerant and more about good order and discipline.  This is more about decency and public morality.  Like New York City in discussions to make certain offenses subject to a fine which can be paid online.

New York wants to make public urination a pay your fine online event

A fast news spot

Criminal Justice Reform Act



EXCERPT (emphasis added):

“The mayor has made a clear commitment to reforming the summons process, and the speaker’s proposal is under review in consultation with NYPD,” Klein said.

A Daily News analysis shows the seven offenses that would be sent to one of the city’s administrative civil courts under the Mark-Viverito plan account for roughly 2.7 million, or 42%, of the summonses issued by the NYPD between 2001 and June 2014. They also account for more than 510,000 open arrest warrants, according to the analysis of data provided by the state Office of Court Administration.

The seven offenses under consideration are public consumption of alcohol, public urination, bicycling on the sidewalk, being in a park after dark, failure to obey a park sign, littering and unreasonable noise. The offenses under consideration for decriminalization are under the city’s administrative code — not the state penal code — making it possible to amend them without state approval, officials said.”

Much like many of our current regulations which were enacted by UNELECTED APPOINTEES vice the Legislature.

I had heard a spokesperson for the City make the statement that that particular offense mainly targeted the homeless so this was more along the realm of having compassion for the plight of our displaced brethren.

EXCERPT (emphasis added):

“Critics say the policing model unfairly targets blacks and Latinos, who were the recipients of roughly 81% of the summonses issued since 2001. They also say issuing criminal summonses for low-level offenses often stamps young people’s records with minor violations that could affect their ability to get jobs, housing or student loans.”

I guess they had to change the group.  NONE of us wants to be in favor of a Police force “unfairly” targeting people of color, now do we?  Are those the only folks that pee on the sidewalk or will they now be asked to “curb” themselves like our 4-legged friends?

So just take the laws OFF the books.  If they are not going to be enforced, if they fall under the auspices of the City and are not Legislative, then to fine people with no other penalty becomes a money-making opportunity for the municipality… Red Light Cameras…

…food for thought.

Mayor DeBlasio (D-NY) signs the legislation



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