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Okay, we all have our pet peeves.  I probably have more than a few and I seem to notice them more as I get older.  In truth, they were probably ALWAYS there, I am just less tolerant then I used to be.  Did’ja ever notice how at a public or sporting event, while playing the National Anthem, there are a FEW individuals carrying on as usual with no apparent regard for the solemnity of the National Anthem?  This has been an ongoing “issue” for years and only seems to be more prevalent as time advances and our seeming love of Country diminishes.  It was to be expected that an “insider”….a Washington elite…was seen in flagrante delicto, or caught in the act.

in flagrante delicto

What makes it all the more reprehensible is that instead of a mea culpa she “shows her ass” as my mom would say and makes a defiant tweet.  Reminds me of a story……………..

Late 90’s, living in a San Diego suburb, talking to our youngest son about something dumb I had previously spoken to him about.  I am at the doorway talking to his back while he looked out the window seemingly blowing me off.  He said “Dad, you don’t understand….these are the 90’s…”…..I SO got hit with a time displacement wave from some decent science fiction flick and as the wave carried me backwards I saw myself at his age, looking out a Harlem window at the projects, with my MOM standing in the doorway talking to MY back and me saying “Ma, you don’t understand…these are the 60’s….”.

So why is her action so disturbing?  Because just recently I read an article where a woman was arrested for rescuing a flag that was being desecrated.

A veteran’s honor

According to the police she was not arrested for saving the Flag, only for not returning it to it’s “rightful owner”.  It had been on the ground for some period of time at that point.  I do not think it “belonged” to anyone at that point.  Shame on the Supreme Court for calling that a protected first amendment right which cancels anti desecration laws in 47 states. Is nothing sacred?

So, here is Ms. Helena Andrews, gossip columnist for the Washington Post (yup) doing what is now a commonplace thing….on her phone oblivious to her surroundings or the moment she is in.  She COULD have waited for the Anthem to play and kept her information on the tip of her thumbs til then.  She COULD have said “I apologize.  I was lost in thought and did not notice what was going on”.  She COULD have done many things to show that her actions were not borne of a deep disrespect and loathing for the Nation that nurtures her and provides her with the RIGHT to disrespect it. She chose defiance.

I asked if nothing were sacred.  We as a people are losing perspective on the things that matter in life. Though those things are personal and vary from one to another, at the root of it there HAS to be a respect for the basics…God, family and Country.   If not that, what?


I was re-reading my post and thought to see if there were any updates since I just responded to a reader about another post.  I see that Ms. Andrews is claiming that this incident….sorry, NON-incident occurred during dinner and not the National Anthem.  I do note that nobody is eating.

"Taking notes" at the "dinner table", so sayeth Ms. Andrews
“Taking notes” at the “dinner table”, so sayeth Ms. Andrews


Busted (note the eyes of the gentleman on her left shoulder, AND her display is too bright.  Gonna burn through her battery)

A lie is a poor excuse for an apology

And her defenders:

excerpted from:

“Andrews hasn’t said anything about the incident since her tweet on Saturday. But amidst the Twitter chatter she has defenders, one of whom cautioned people about throwing stones.

“Sure, the woman in question was at an event that’s being televised across the country, and sure, it was a moment that Americans generally honor with respect as part of a longstanding U.S. tradition. But come on — like any of us have never whispered during an important speech, been caught laughing at an inappropriate moment, or texted when we probably shouldn’t have,” writes Josephine B. Yurcaba for Bustle.

“Maybe don’t throw your patriotic stones unless you’re a perfect, always-respectful patriot?”

Read more here: “
What Ms. Yurcaba forgets to note is that WHEN you do something inappropriate AND you get CAUGHT……you apologize! No one is holding themselves out to be SuperPatriotic.  No one is “without sin” and casting the “first stone”.  What I and I believe others are saying is that there is a time and a place for everything and though we may forget ourselves on occasion, a little situational awareness goes a long way and acknowledgement of an error garners more respect than pulling a “Clinton” (pick one, ANY one).


As an aside, is Ms. Andrews displaying the same degree of reverence and respect that the President shows the People…..and the Republic? Do whatchalike and lie….who cares? There are still many that DO care.

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