….”By any other name…”

This will be short (at least, that is my PLAN).

Shakespeare said “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.” (Romeo and Juliet)

Regarding the attack on  the French publication, the link is to a story about Howard Dean.  Mr. Dean is a former high muckity muck in the Democrat party and former Presidential hopeful that has made it clear that the SOB’s that methodically assassinated a group of unarmed civilians should not be referred to as “Muslim” or “Islamic” but “mass murderers”.

Scared to call a spade a spade


Who is he kidding?  For that matter, to hear the Administration speak, the last decade of terror and abject disregard for human life in the name of Islam is “workplace violence” or someone pissed over a change in circumstance.

Workplace Violence

Workplace Violence 2

Perhaps getting sacked is justification for decapitating your former co-worker and trying to kill another.

I am BLACK.  Centuries of referring to me as “boy, nigger, negro, colored or African American” does not change my identity nor my self-image.  When I was in grammar school I went through a bout of ethnic doubt…I FELT different than my peers, I spoke differently than they (Gratitude, ma, who ALWAYS “came correct”).  I wore turtle necks for awhile before they became fashionable in the Black Liberation Movement but I was STILL me.  I not only accepted it but embraced my “difference”.  Perhaps I am an outlier in search of others…another story for another day.

No matter how I changed the outside, the INSIDE is immutable.  As for the Islamic terrorists who then calmly executed the fallen Police Officer, no amount of rolling excrement up in powdered sugar will make them any sweeter.  Does the Administration think that by denying their fundamental association they will look at US (pun intended) any differently?  As Secretary Clinton would say, should we “empathize” with their perspective as well?


We hear a lot about “bullies” and “bullying”.  The present trend is towards education and trying to understand them….help to redirect them.  I prefer the way it invariable always turns out:  a plain old ass whipping is all some folks understand.


Ass whippin’ handed out!





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