Target of opportunity

The target of opportunity, my friends, is US as in targeted advertising.  My adopted daughter, Jessica (“adopted” as in she is my youngest daughter’s roomie and bestie) recently got dumped by her long distance (Orlando/Tampa) bf who works for a company that performs targeted advertising services for other businesses.  I did not like him anyway so good riddance.

Think of it.  You are online “browsing” for gift ideas or perhaps researching upgrading a few things around the house.  Suddenly you are bombarded by email advertisements on the very same or similar products.  Very  Minority Report iris scan? No, says I to me…..Cookies, Flash cookies and device fingerprinting to name a few.

Online tracking

I have told you before that I am NOT opposed to someone making a buck.  It IS our way and were I able or more CAPable, I would be participating in the great River (Ferengi lore).

Ferengi Rules of Acquisition

I started thinking about this when Lisa, mi esposa, was commenting on the mass of emails she was getting about furniture…..while she was online searching to replace our aging furniture.

….seen that one? For the past few years we have been inundated with commercials telling us that what we HAVE is not only insufficient and inferior to what we can GET but also DANGEROUS! Well golly gee willickers! Last thing I want is years of dead skin, sweat and dust mites making my expensive mattress a breeding ground for bacterium!

On a lark—well, I was walking past them anyway ….I checked the price of the mattresses at Sam’s Club.  Online NOW they seem to be a “reasonable” price…

Even at the "big box stores", prices fluctuate with the season and the perceived need to target your wallet
Prices fell after Memorial day….go figure?.

When I was looking at them , they were nearly a grand!  Lisa said to look at the ones “on the wall”….those WERE the ones on the wall.

So RECENTLY I heard a commercial ( I am a fan of radio while doing house and yard work) stating that we NEED new roofs or the insurance companies will refuse to issue a new policy. Looking at the various sites it seems like the insurance companies are attempting to mitigate their losses against hail and storm damage.  Shingles, which seem to be more common, have a 15-20 year life so there MAY be some validity to this commercial.  Still, to me it looked like the mattress ads: roofers need business since construction had slowed.  Generate monetary fear in the homeowner and voila!

So it really does not matter all that much what you do or are trying to do.  At some point SOMEONE is going to recognize a pattern in your activity and target you for an early withdrawal of your savings.




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